How it works?

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> Little Geneva 

> Big Geneva

> Rest of Switzerland 

Free delivery in the Little Geneva area


> Is it for yourself?

> Is it a gift?


> Pick your flower creation: bouquet or sushi 

> Pick the size: regular or bigger

> Choose how many deliveries you want to subscribe for: 3, 6, 9, 12.

> Choose the frequency you want to receive your flowers: once a week, every 2 weeks, once a month.


> Delivery on Tuesdays and Fridays

> From 2pm to 6pm by bicycle in Little Geneva and Big Geneva

> Usually before 9am by Postal Express service in Rest of Switzerland

> Must order a week in advance


> Send your personal message to your dear ones. 

> Your note will be carefully handwitten on our special message cards designed by Carola. 

> You can see the cards here.  


> Enjoy your flowers!

livraison de fleurs Genève livraison de fleurs en Suisse livraison geneve fleurs pas cher Livraison bouquet de fleurs fleurs pour occasion spéciales special flowers for special occasion livraison à Genève

About the product: You can choose to subscribe to our bouquets or to our sushis. You can also choose to alternate them. Please note that, for transportation reasons, sushis are not available for the Rest of Switzerland area, You select the size you wish (regular or bigger), how many deliveries you want (3, 6, 9, 12) and their frequency (weekly, every 2 weeks, once a month).  

Delivery: You can choose to receive your flowers on Tuesdays to enjoy them through your working week or on Fridays to enjoy them over the weekend. We deliver to the Little Geneva and Big Geneva area by bicycle from 2pm to 6pm. We deliver by Post to the Rest of Switzerland areas usually before 9am. To check our delivery areas and fees click here

Prices and payment: Prices decrease with larger subscriptions. If you choose to pay upfront your subscription will not be automatically renewed. Once the last order has been delivered, no further charges will be taken. If you choose to pay automatically each delivery your subscription will be automatically renewed if you don’t unsubscribe at least one week before your last delivery. 

Managing your subscription: You can pause your subscription anytime by accessing your member area. Changes must be made at least one week in advance. Should you change address or door code please remember to update the data. 

Gifting options: Subscriptions can be a wonderful gift.  If you want to offer one, select the gift option and then choose wether to send flowers or a gift certificate.

If you have questions please check our FAQs section or get in touch.


By bicycle

Our bikers from La Vélopostale come and collect your floral arrangements and deliver them across the city  (Little Geneva and Big Geneva areas)  from 2pm to 6pm from Tuesday to Friday. The riders all have specific routes that we create every day to minimise the time needed for delivery. For this reason we do not offer time slots. 

By Post – Express service

For flower deliveries in the Rest of Switzerland area, we offer an express postal delivery service. Deliveries are available from Tuesday to Friday . All orders are delivered in the morning, usually before 9am.

When you order your flowers please provide us with all the necessary information for a smooth delivery. As we work with partners (La Vélopostale and The Swiss Post), once the flowers are out for delivery we are unable to modify the delivery address. If there is no one present at the given address, the messengers will leave the flowers in front of the recipient’s door. The messengers will try their best to deliver on your chosen day, though, if the address is incorrect we cannot refund your order. Because flowers are perishable we cannot offer re-deliveries. Please see our Ts and Cs for further details.