How it works

Every week we create a new bold flower design, handmade with seasonal flowers  that will rock your home and nourish your soul, as often as you like.

Pamé believes that beauty plays a fundamental role in our day-to-day. To us, it is the attention to small details that can transform simple things of everyday life into true luxuries.

Embrace surprise !

Every Tuesday we select the best seasonal flowers for you! 

The design is unique and changes every week. This is not only to surprise you, but also to reduce flower waste. Pamé is a friend of the environment!

Hand-tied bouquet

Our bouquets are architectural hand-tied arrangements. The creative process behind them is based on a constant search for balance between shapes and lines as well as harmony of colours

Flower sushi

Our sushis are precious coloured universes that can be placed on a dinner table, on your working desk or anywhere you like. They are a “ready to enjoy” flower arrangement and they are wrapped up with colorful fabric scraps

Our flower sushi are available only for special campaigns!

Give it a try !

Do you want to receive just one of our flower arrangements at home? Go to the Send Flowers session and order our Bouquet of the Week !

You have 3 different size available for a price from 40CHF up to 90CHF 

Choose your own calendar

Our Flower Subscription is the best and easiest way to enjoy flowers in your home as often as you like.

You can choose how many times you want to receive your flowers and how often, if weekly, every second week or monthly. Prices decrease accordingly to the number of arrangements.

Away on holiday? Travelling for work? NO PANIC! You can pause or cancel your subscription with a simple click.

Delivery by bike

Our partners of La Vélopostale deliver your flowers from Tuesday to Friday, between 4pm and 7pm in the Geneva area.

To know more about delivery click here.

Unbox your flowers !

Tonight, when you will go home after work, a box full of flowers with a special card designed for you will be waiting at your doorstep. 

The unboxing day is our favourite day! We share the best stories on our Instagram profile.

Enjoy the power of flowers

Your home is your sacred space where you can leave the stress of the day outside the door. Choose the best spot to place your flowers. You will find your senses more engaged, see the flow in the design, colours, textures, smells and space!

The perfect gift

Why not offer flowers that last much longer than a few days? Now you can treat your friend, your mum or your better half to flowers regularly with one of our Gift Subscriptions

Pamé is a friend of the environment

We source our flower locally as much as possible,

We deliver to your door by bike and by the Swiss Eco Post in the near future,

We use renewable/biodegradable material in our packaging  as much as we can,

We propose one design per week in order to reduce flower waste,

And of course we recycle our waste!

Flowering your home has never been this easy!