DIY Easter tree


One of the biggest joys of Easter besides eating A LOT of chocolate is creating a flowery Easter tree with your children!


What is inside the kit?

❤︎ A box with 4 eggs shells already cleaned out and ready to hang

❤︎ Flowers

❤︎ Branches



➤ Fill up a vase with water (for stability) and place the branches inside the vase.

➤ Hang the eggs on the branches and fill them with some water. Make sure the level of the water does not reach the holes on the sides of the egg otherwise it will come out! Once you add the water the egg becomes heavy! Make sure you hang them onto thick branches!

➤ Cut the stem of the flowers and place them in the eggs

➤ Put the leftover flowers at the base of the vase if you like

➤ Ta-daaan! Your easter tree is done!

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