DIY KIT Dried flowers wreath


💐 This is a special DIY Kit designed for these quarantine days. it is important that you take positive actions to keep your mind, body, and soul healthy!



DIY KIT dried flowers wreath

You will be able to create your dried flower wreath, playing with different kinds of dry flowers and colors. Our tutorial will guide you step by step and will stimulate your inner creativity. The creation process is a distraction tool to avoid stress, it is also a contemplation tool to create the mental space to reassess problems and make plans. We will provide you with all the material needed as well as a tutorial that you can see on our Instagram feed and you will only need to enjoy yourself!


What is inside the kit?

❤︎ Dry flowers of different shapes and colors

❤︎ A metallic wreath

❤︎ Wire and tape

❤︎ A ribbon to hang your wreath once finished


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