Quarantine bouquet

From: CHF40.00

💐 This is a special bouquet for these quarantine weeks, we support local suppliers and we believe we need to take positive and proactive actions to keep our minds, bodies, and souls healthy! Let’s stay together!



During these days we feel we should rock your home and nourish your soul more than ever! Since we will not be able to go out and enjoy spring, we will try to bring spring into your homes!


Flower choice is limited as wholesalers are closed but flowers don’t stop growing! Now more than ever we will support Geneva growers by using only local flowers


The featured bouquet is a size M.





We deliver by bicycle from Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to 7pm. The riders all have specific routes that we create every day to minimize the time needed for delivery. For this reason, we do not offer time slots. Please provide us with all the necessary information for smooth delivery. If there is no one present at the given address, we will leave the flowers in front of the door. To have more information on the delivery please click here.




Our bouquets come with a small water source to keep them hydrated during transport. Put them in a vase filled with tepid water as soon as you receive them. Please note that the vase is not included. To know more about how to take care of your flowers have a look at our guide of taking care of your flowers.