Mother's day bouquet


What: Mums deserve more than just a simple bouquet.So why not giving her thousands of them? In this workshop she will learn how to make her own hand-tied bouquet with the spiral technique. It would make it more special if you tagged along 🙂

Where: TBD

When: 06 May 18:30-20:30

Max participants: 12

Bla bla: Lessons will be taught in English or French, adapting to the participants’ wishes

Before coming: No prior experience needed, just bring yourself, your energy and wish of creating something beautiful.

During: All flowers and technical materials are included in the price together with snacks, drinks, music, gadgets, and much more!

After:  You and your mom can take home your special composition made together with so much love ♥ (if you want to make 2 separate bouquets you should buy 2 workshops)

Possible side effects: you might want to spend even more time with your mom


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