Flower crown and corsage


What: People wore flowers and plants long before makeup and jewellery. Can you think of a better way to connect yourself with nature? Flower crown and corsage are wonderful creations that all women love to wear on the most special occasions of their lives: bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays.

When: 10 june 18:30-20:30

Where: TBD

Max participants: 12

Bla Bla: Lessons will be taught in English or French, adapting to the participants’ wishes

Before coming: No prior experience needed, just bring yourself, your energy and wish of creating something beautiful.

During: All flowers and technical materials are included in the price together with snacks, drinks, music, gadgets, and much more!

After: you bring your beautiful creation with you at the party!

Possible side effects: your creation may make you feel even more beautiful and ready to celebrate life 🙂


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