What: As the word itself says, a terrarium is a miniature garden carefully built inside a glass container. Preparing a terrarium is fascinating, relaxing, a kind of meditative experience, but with immediate return!

When: 25 march 18:30-20:30

Where: TBD

Max participants: 12

Bla Bla: Lessons will be taught in English or French, adapting to the participants’ wishes

Before coming: No prior experience needed, just bring yourself, your energy and wish of creating something beautiful.

During: All flowers and technical materials are included in the price together with snacks, drinks, music, gadgets, and much more!

After: you bring your beautiful creation home

Possible side effects: After this workshop you will be able to create your own terrarium at home whenever you’d like to, being able to dream of an alternative world whenever you feel the need of.

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