Team building workshops

Our individually tailored, team-building workshops are for any business -innovative company- that believes that investing in its people is crucial for its growth.

Our motivational and energizing events are specially tailored to meet your company’s needs. You may wish to celebrate a recent success, focus on relationship team building or encourage interdepartmental communication.

Whatever your requirements we have a solution to encourage collaboration and foster innovation within your company culture.

No prior experience needed!

The workshops are designed to be completely inclusive and can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages and abilities. No experience or knowledge is needed, we will work alongside you to encourage your team in a fun and light-hearted way. 

The benefits to you

Our workshops give the attendee a relaxing and mindful experience that is both fun and informative. Spending time with, and working hands-on with flowers is a great way to engage with colleagues and reap the rewards of horticultural therapy.

By bringing nature into the workplace your team can take a step back from the stress of the fast-paced digital work environment and shift focus back to the joys of nature.

At the end of the workshop, your team will have a real sense of achievement from having learned a new skill and created something beautiful and natural to take away with them.

A typical workshop - 2/3 hours

An informative and interesting talk on flower care, trends, the use of color, and texture.

Followed by a detailed and descriptive practical demonstration. Culminating in the attendees creating their own arrangement/design, to take away.

What's included

  1. All floristry equipment including scissors, secateurs, wires, and tape.
  2. All flowers and foliage.
  3. Vases, containers, and trays.
  4. The venue/room can also be decorated.